Need a Reason to Play Chili Poker ?

at-casino-com-logoGreat opportunity if you’ve been thinking about signing up at Chili Poker. First up, Chili is celebrating their 2 billionth (yes, with a B) hand by giving away $170K in prizes. Even micro stake players are eligible to win!!

The Two Billion Hand will share $100,000 worth of cash prizes and an amazing poker pro package!

The winner of the Two Billionth Hand will be entitled to a prize worth $60,000 consisting of:

WSOP 2010 Main Event package (worth $13,000)

Irish Open 2010 package (worth over $7,000 )

$40,000 cash prize

Moreover, the winner will also split the partcipant’s cash prize and will receive a ticket to the Monthly Million Guaranteed Tournament on January 10th 2010 (value of $535).

Even more exciting, if the two billionth hand will be dealt no later than December 5th 2009 at 23:59 GMT, the winner will also receive a ticket to the ECOOP V Main Event, on December 6th 2009 (value of $1,580)!!!

And even if you aren’t the lucky 2 billionth hand winner you can still win a drawing to be held on Dec 26th. For every 1000 fpp’s collected from 23rd November – 22nd December 23:59 GMT, a player will get 1 Lottery Ticket. Plus Chili Poker is offering a $1.1 tournament every Tuesday where you get to play Liz Lieu and earn up to 10 lottery tickets in one go. 1st place in this tournament will get 10 tickets, as will the player that knocks Liz out. You can also purchase these tickets for $1 by sending an email to support with the subject ‘Buy Chili Lottery’.

All in all, a very good holiday season being offered by Chili Poker and a great reason to check them out if you’ve been thinking about an excellent iPoker skin.